A PSFK Guide to Redesigning the Store for Services, Experiences, and Community Connection


A PSFK guide for brands and retailers to help them generate new revenue streams, cultivate brand community, increase traffic and dwell time, and build consumer loyalty.

After two years of rapid acceleration, e-commerce is cooling off as consumers seek to trade convenience and utility for the sensory experiences and connections found in physical stores.

As consumers face digital fatigue, retailers and brands are re-engaging them with a new suite of IRL services, experiences and tools. From discovery to post-purchase needs, retailers are layering everything from brand activations to on-demand access to subject matter experts and comprehensive lifestyle programming to better connect with consumers au- beyond digital clicks. As the role of the store has evolved, the way people shop has been drastically impacted, and as shoppers return to stores, they have new expectations for service (i.e. personalization , expertise, immersive navigation) that set the stage for the next chapter of detail.

In this report, PSFK iQ researchers analyze how leading retailers are reimagining their foodservice offerings and services to generate a new revenue stream, cultivate brand community, increase traffic and dwell time, and build customer loyalty. consumers. To differentiate themselves and drive interaction with consumers, retailers need to reconsider the role of the store within their brand ecosystem and how they can leverage their physical footprint to better support consumers and their communities. Through the lens of six innovative strategies, understand the evolution of physical spaces and examine how retailers across different industries are leveraging and designing services that organically complement their ethos and product assortment.


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