Americans concerned about loans and guns 2 weeks before midterm elections


The numbers demonstrate confusion among the American public over the nation’s crises, even as Republicans appear to have a greater chance of winning.

  • Ballots open early (PBS)

Latest data from Axios’ midterm scorecard shows Republican-favored topics still below peak in US public interest, even as signs point to majority Republican victory in upcoming election of 2022.

As Election Day approaches on Nov. 8, the issues the American public worries about are stabilizing, while gun control and student loan forgiveness show new concerns.

However, issues such as inflation, fuel costs and immigration have not seen a spike in statistics over the past week, although they remain of high interest. Crime, on the other hand, remained stable but fell from 10th to 11th place in the most wanted topic category – student loan forgiveness was promoted to 10th most wanted topic.

Millions of Americans took to the Biden administration’s official online portal to register for relief just days after the loan forgiveness program went into effect.

In the charts, Donald Trump ranked at number 6 while Joe Biden ranked at number 9.

With the date approaching in less than two weeks, according to a survey conducted jointly by Reuters and Ipsostwo in five U.S. voters say they are worried that individuals may threaten or intimidate them at polling places in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 8.

Although there have been no reports of voter intimidation so far, some fear that they may be victims of these acts, especially in states where the divide between the two parties is pervasive after decades of deepening partisanship.

The midterm elections were initially assumed to be a doomsday for Republicans, as President Joe Biden’s approval ratings plunged in the face of rising inflation, record migrant arrivals and escalating protests. violent crimes.

With less than a month to go, Democrats are betting on much tighter competition, thanks to a series of legislative successes, lower gas prices and the nomination of a slate of battling Trumpist candidates. for winnable seats.


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