Bank Kansas’ first employee celebrates 50 years in banking

Kermit Dorf. Photo courtesy of First Bank Kansas”/>
Kermit Dorf. Photo courtesy of First Bank Kansas

First Bank of Kansas

Choosing a career can be a tough decision that many people make more than once, but for Kermit Dorf, vice president, chief security officer and compliance specialist at First Bank Kansas, the choice was easy.

He entered banking in 1972, 50 years ago this month, and he still enjoys coming to work every day.

Dorf’s career began at Planters State Bank and Trust Company in downtown Salina before joining the First Bank Kansas team in 1998. He has worked in many different areas of the bank including Chief Cashier, Operations loan officer, loan officer, compliance and security. “Computers really changed the industry,” Dorf said, “but banks remain an important and respected part of communities.” He believes that banks help people achieve their goals.

Those who work with Dorf appreciate his experience and draw on his knowledge.

“His work ethic, dedication and loyalty throughout his long career are an inspiration to all of us,” said Dustin Schroller, chief compliance officer and BSA chief executive. “I feel very privileged and honored to work alongside someone who has dedicated 50 years of his life to helping clients and colleagues succeed.”

First Bank Kansas President and CEO Kent Buer described Dorf as one of the nicest people he knows and said he had a “broad knowledge of the banking industry and had always been willing to step in and help where needed. He’s a great teammate, fun to be around, and if you ever take part in a trivia game, make sure Kermit is on your team! »

When he’s not working in the bank, Dorf is busy helping his wife, Connie, on the family farm near Assaria. She keeps busy with a variety of crops and livestock and Dorf is happy to help her.


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