Cardock to leverage its influence on social media


SIBU: The sky is the limit for influencer Cardock.

With only his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia certificate to show, he made his first million at the age of 29.

Born Fadhil Mohd Isa, Cardock, 37, aspires to become the representative of the people of Dudong.

Cardock, who is independent, is among eight contenders for the hotly contested seat.

He said he was initially nicknamed “Kaduk”, but changed him to Cardock to reach a more global audience.

“I made my first million in 2013 by recruiting drivers from Sarawak for an email company.

“I rewarded myself with Lotus and BMW sports cars, which are now in my second home in Kuala Lumpur,” he said in an interview at a cafe here.

After cashing in, Cardock left the company and tried his hand at being a social media influencer in 2018.

His long list of careers began with “a monotonous job” as a data entry clerk in a supermarket in 2003.

He left after just a few months to become a news anchor with Bernama TV and another TV station for five years each.

He also spent a year flying with Eagle Express, a Jeddah-based airline, as part of his cabin crew.

Cardock said he was also a part-time cryptocurrency trader.

“I will move on to new things if I feel there is money to be made there,” he said.

But social media changed her life. It’s not just the rewards that are great, but the opportunities to connect with people.

“I have two Facebook accounts. I have 76,000 subscribers in one of them – Young Beracun YB Cardock – while in another account – Cardock – I have 200,000 subscribers.

“I received almost half a million views for one of my videos on YouTube,” he said.

Married with two children, Cardock is now more active on Facebook than YouTube because he gets better rewards from his content.

“I create new content for my Facebook account every day because it’s easier to make money.

“Last July, I won RM8,000. On average, I make 2,000 RM per month with Facebook, ”he said, adding that the content on his social media accounts was about general issues such as nation-building, self-improvement and money management.

Cardock said venturing into politics did not happen overnight.

“It was in the planning for a long time. And I feel like everything I’ve done in the past has led to this. I feel that I can make a difference if I become a wakil rakyat, ”he said.

Cardock is running his election campaign live on his Facebook account every day until December 17.

It is still too early to assess how he would fare in an election, but he is certainly popular.

During the 25-minute interview, four of his followers requested a photoshoot with him.

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