Chanticleer podcast: Crazy markets, Credit Suisse pile up: listen to Chanticleer’s opinion


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The best of the last page this week

APRA probes the big super on Canva The superannuation regulator polled a handful of industry super funds on their approach to valuing top tech stocks.

We went from crisis to rally in two days. And it’s not crazy it’s not crazy Panic over the state of global markets quickly subsided. But investors hoping this rally will last should consider two key factors.

Why the ASX could provide shelter from the global storm Uncertainty hangs over global markets, but Australia’s strong economic starting point and its role as a supplier of essential goods to the world are positive.

M&A drivers run dry The latest investment banking rankings confirm global declines in mergers, equity and debt markets, and leveraged finance. It’s also dark here.

The real problem at Credit Suisse is an old-school problem. The bank’s capital and liquidity position may be strong, but the degree of difficulty in restructuring a bloated business in volatile times is high.

New Pain for Magellan, Appen Holds a Hard Lesson for Investors Magellan and Appen are in very different industries, but both are struggling to regain momentum in troubled markets.

Why Investors Should Hate OPEC’s Oil Production Cut There are juicy geopolitical ramifications to the cartel’s decision to cut production. But for investors, what matters are the implications for inflation and interest rates.


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