DVIDS – News – Reinventing Modern Deployment: XVIII Airborne Corps Troops Leverage Army Vantage to Make Data-Driven Decisions at the Edge


Soldiers from the XVIII Airborne Corps and 82nd Airborne (Abn.) Division (Div.) are leading the U.S. military’s transition to data-centric operations using new technologies to counter evolving threats. Leveraging Army Vantage, the Army’s enterprise data intelligence platform, deployed units configure end-to-end operational applications to streamline force offloading, automate logistics (LOGSTAT), capture new unstructured data and create real-time, intelligent decisions.

With Army Vantage, soldiers are empowered to use modern technology to combat legacy systems to address critical knowledge gaps for commanders in stride.

Commanders and staff depend on a myriad of disconnected joint, service level, and combat command data sources that alone are unable to provide a single operational picture to the commander. Additionally, these systems do not inform lower echelons in the Corps and they lack the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing priorities and requirements in the field.

With small pieces of information that inform offloading, siled across dozens of disconnected – and sometimes obsolete – systems, the full picture of the offloading process becomes impossible to generate; the stitched segments of this image are cumbersome to produce and skewed by data quality issues.

As a result, soldiers in January and February resorted to phone calls and emails to track the movement of critical units. For most units, this meant manually entering data into Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides to track the most up-to-date unit movement plans. This manual process required hundreds of hours of work to enter, format and validate this data. Worse still, data from the latest Excel or PowerPoint spreadsheet became outdated before soldiers shared the information.

“Our efforts on [Army] Vantage connected dozens of standalone systems and removed swivel chair operations to streamline our deployment process, ensuring we were up and running,” said Jared Summers, CTO of XVIII.

During recent deployments, the 82nd Abn. Div. faces new challenges to see the ground truth. Units were tasked with capturing data from new sources at the edge, including data from partner countries, to inform operational decisions. No system existed for this type of mission, but the Soldiers of America Emergency Corps was able to solve this problem in a matter of days using Army Vantage as a starting point.

“[Army] Vantage was a game-changer for us on our last deployment,” said Jock Padgett, XVIII Chief Data Officer. “With the centralized and well-connected data operations platform, we have empowered warfighters from the edge to the joint staff with new end-to-end data pipelines, decision-making modules and meaningful dashboards quickly built.”

Leveraging Army Vantage’s no-code app builder, the 82nd Abn. Div. configured a transportation management tool to integrate real-time updates from tactical edge devices and enabled soldiers to track and execute logistics tasks from a single mission command environment.

Within a week, the 82nd Abn. Div. moved from Excel spreadsheets to a fully functional application integrated with Army Vantage.

“The speed at which engineers and citizen data scientists can build products for operational users is exponentially faster on [Army] Advantage,” Padgett said. “Previously, we spent most of our time trying to get systems accredited or trying to access and integrate data. Now we can actually fight with this data.

In the XVIII Abn. Corps headquarters, Project Ridgway soldiers, and newly created Data Warfare Company configured applications (apps) in Army Vantage to track real-time equipment supply levels in theater.

“Taking advantage of [Army] Vantage platform, we were able to quickly create workflows that ensured we had up-to-date status of all sourcing classes. We were also able to leverage Vantage’s analytics and monitoring tools to compare expected utilization rates to actual utilization rates and set metrics or alerts when a certain supply class was low,” said Summers said. “Our goal is to transform our logistics operations from a pull system to a push system. Just like with just-in-time logistics, we will know what is needed when and where to ensure a secure supply chain.

Army data platforms should enable units to prepare for the unexpected, adapt to changing conditions, and aggregate new battlespace information for which collection was not previously possible. planned before – and during – the onset of a contingency.

Army Vantage’s flexible no-code application building tools and user-configured data entry forms strengthen the XVIII Abn. Body to do just that. By having the tools to quickly and seamlessly combine curated data from multiple source systems with enhanced information captured by those on the front lines, units can create a digital twin that replicates the world in its most authentic.

With an application interface (API) layer established, Army Vantage provides this new data asset to combat and logistics systems, powering a consistent decision environment and enabling the XVIII Abn. Corps effort to see the battlespace through a single pane of glass.

“We continue to expand data integrations across [Army] Vantage, asking new, never-before-seen questions related to operations, logistics, personnel, and intelligence data. [Army] Vantage has advanced the Army’s Single Pane of Glass initiative tremendously,” said Padgett. ” We are progressing.

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