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BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 24, 2022–

Fidelity Investments® today announced the launch of Saifr, a regulatory technology (RegTech) company that offers human augmentation tools to help financial institutions facilitate the creation, review and approval of public communications to mitigate brand, reputation and regulatory risks.

Utilizing a set of proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) models trained on tens of millions of compliance-verified data records, Saifr offers two solutions, SaifrReview TM and SaifrScan TM, that foster greater collaboration between teams marketing and compliance to create compliant communications, faster. Saifr’s products provide human-machine dynamics, enabling computers to perform the monotonous compliance verification tasks, allowing marketers and compliance teams to focus on the creative and intricate details of compliance verification. compliance. Saifr is just one example of how Fidelity leverages its expertise to develop complex businesses, products and tools in a highly regulated industry and brings that expertise to market for the industry.

“Ensuring that marketing materials comply with various regulatory rules requires multiple touchpoints inside and outside an organization, including content creation, compliance feedback, reviews, emails and workflow transfers. As a result, the process can be inefficient and create opportunities for friction and risk,” said Vall Herard, managing director of Saifr, Fidelity Labs.

“Saifr’s AI solutions create a human-machine partnership that streamlines the compliance process, from content creation to the regulatory filing process. By minimizing friction throughout this process, Saifr frees up time for content creators, marketers, copy editors, legal and compliance specialists to focus on value-added details.

Saifr’s products are powered by multiple models that capture the intricacies of language to uncover potential risks, flagging non-compliant language and imagery in written content and videos before the first round of review by compliance professionals. Saifr’s AI engine continuously learns through in-loop user interaction, public private and third-party data, and regulatory updates. These models are presented in the two Saifr products:

  • SaifrReview TM: As Saifr’s core platform, this intuitive workflow tool assists in the creation of content, including written materials, social media, audio and video assets. SaifrReview provides a robust dashboard that enables online collaboration between marketing content creators and compliance professionals, as well as approval management, tracking and filing assistance with regulators. As part of the workflow, SaifrReview provides immediate risk scoring and disclosure detection during document creation, as well as suggestions before final signing.
  • SaifrScan™: This API-as-a-Service tool quickly scans and scores a company’s communications and flags potential compliance risks in a detailed report. Using a set of REST APIs designed to integrate into any existing document workflow, web front-end solution, or social media workflow, SaifrScan’s APIs support templates for Quickly analyze text, image, or video input for regulatory and corporate compliance violations.

“Saifr leverages the massive amount of compliance data at its disposal and the power of deep learning models to augment the work of content creators and compliance professionals,” said Mona Vernon, head of Fidelity Labs. “Saifr’s solutions streamline the compliance review process on a single platform to support effective collaboration between marketing, legal, compliance and external consultants.”

Saifr started out in Fidelity Labs, Fidelity Investments‘ in-house software incubator. For more information, visit

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About Saifr

Saifr is a RegTech company incubated in Fidelity Labs. Saifr draws on millions of proprietary, third-party public data points selected for compliance found in data lakes built by Fidelity and decades of regulatory compliance expertise to create SaifrReview. Learn more at

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