Foundation Wealth Capital provides market advisory solutions to traders, investment managers and asset managers to improve business operations


As a global leader in business development, Foundation Wealth Capital LLC provides capital markets advisory services to traders, investment managers and advisers looking to improve their operations and performance by providing various business structures that will allow achieve their goals.

Miami Beach, Florida, September 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Strategic financing of debt monetization and investments for state tokenization has been undertaken by Wealth Capital LLC Foundation. Our corporate goal is to build wealth, manage assets and create liquid capital for our dedicated business efforts, which include infrastructure and humanitarian partnerships with governments, commodity banking companies with international corporations and the public sector, real estate development and acquisition focused on multi-family. housing, hotels, hospitals and schools internationally in the interest of global economic recovery and concentrated humanitarian efforts. Miami Beach-based private equity firm Foundation Wealth Capital operated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, deals with real estate projects, investment finance, digital token resale and major fundraising for accomplish the mission of the company.

Richesse Capital Foundation has worked on many digital asset projects like cryptocurrency technology which deals with blockchain, the company mainly chooses to monetize the assets and instruments for the development of major projects. Many dormant and non-performing assets and collectibles are used in addition to cash-backed banking instruments. Foundation Wealth Capital uses its international network of real estate with a confirmed valuation as acceptable assets.

Senior Vice President HRH King Michael A. Sheffield is an expert in the field of virtual currency and all things crypto. His great interest and success lie in the field of digital asset tokenization, private banking and real estate transactions. Foundation Wealth Capital manages many aspects of real estate such as development, investment, tokenization, blockchain, management and finance. His Royal Highness King Michael is the King of Financial Development for the Royal Kingdom of Anamase in Ghana and has been a guest speaker at several government and private institutions.

Foundation Wealth Capital has been nominated as a “Rising Star” in the real estate, finance and technology industries. Foundation Wealth Capital has structured the company into private funds and tokenization assets, and has strategic partnerships with multiple platforms as a blockchain startup. Management partner Anthony Lewis Jerdine and the organization has raised over $ 1.2 billion for project investments to date. Foundation Wealth Capital has consolidated a strategic partnership with a distinctive private banking firm that has decades of experience in commercial, industrial and private banking with one of the highest credit ratings in the banking industry, strategic alliances with certain world’s strongest aristocracies, multi-currency cash reserves, risk-free transaction procedures, and enduring assets in the trillions. Foundation Wealth Capital offers a viable solution in finance, blockchain and real estate tokenization.

About Foundation Wealth Capital LLC Foundation Wealth Capital is an international alternative asset manager. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the companies in which we invest and the communities in which we operate. To do this, we use amazing people and flexible capital to help businesses solve their problems. Our assets under management include investment vehicles focused on private equity, real estate, debt and public stocks, growth stocks, opportunistic and lower quality credit, real assets and secondary funds, everything globally. More information is available at


CONTACT: Name: Anthony Jerdine Organization: Foundation Wealth Capital Address: 555 Washington Avenue Suite 235 Miami, FL 33139 Phone: (310) 499-3229

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