Governor Laura Kelly announces that Kansas is ranked first in the nation for most economic development investment per capita


WICHITA – Governor Laura Kelly announced today that Kansas has won Site Selection magazine’s 2021 award Governor’s Cup for the state with the most economic development investment per capita in the country. This is the first time in state history that Kansas has received this national economic development award.

“The Governor’s Cup demonstrates Kansas’ extraordinary economic strengths and the confidence of the business community to make major investments in our state,” Governor Kelly said. “It’s also proof that our efforts to ensure a solid foundation for economic growth by staying focused on the issues Kansans elected us to do – like fully funding our public schools, strengthening our roads, bridges and internet broadband – have paid off. disabled.”

The coveted of Site Selection magazine Governor’s Cup The prize is awarded to the state with the most capital investments and the most economic development projects per capita. In 2019 Kansas was ranked 20th out of 50 states for capital investment per capita, and in 2020 Kansas rose to 10and.

Site Selection began awarding the Governor’s Cup 30 years ago to the state with the most qualified capital investments in the previous calendar year. In 2012, Site Selection also began recognizing a state with the most qualified projects per capita, allowing less populated states with economic success to be recognized as well.

“In three years, the Kelly administration has transformed Kansas’ stagnant economy with sluggish growth into the most dominant state per capita for new business investment in the nation,” Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland said. “This was made possible by Governor Kelly’s unwavering determination to create quality jobs and investment in all parts of Kansas – urban, suburban and rural – and the exceptional work of the Department of Commerce team, from our legislative partners and local economic development professionals across the state. . Kansas is back in a big way, and the global business community is taking notice.”

“Governor’s Cups recognize not only winning governors, but their entire economic development teams and, by extension, the many professionals in their states who work every day to attract new investment and retain and grow existing businesses. », says Mark Arend, editor of Site Selection. “Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Laura Kelly of Kansas provide the kind of business climate and fiscal predictability that capital investors around the world rely on for long-term success, even in a year like no other in the modern memory.

For the category of most capital investment per capita, only one state receives this prestigious award each year. Qualified projects have at least one of the following: $1 million in capital investment, the creation of 20 new jobs, or 20,000 square feet of new construction.

Today’s announcement comes amid numerous economic development wins and related accolades this year for the Kelly administration. Kansas was one of eight states to receive the prestigious Gold Shovel Award from Area development; recognized by Site Selection Magazine as having the better business climate in the Centre-North-West region from the United States in 2021; listed for the first time in the Top 20 States for Doing Business; named 10and best state in the nation by Site Selection Magazine for per capita projects; and is one of three main states report a higher employment rate; at the same time as receiving 2021 Prosperity Cup Recognition.

Here are some of the top projects of 2021 that contributed to our per capita capital investment price:


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