How to Leverage AI to Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy


Email has taken communication to new heights as it is one of the most widely used methods for digital communication. It is estimated that there will be over 4.3 billion email users worldwide by 2023.

Therefore, the importance of email marketing comes as no surprise for your business to influence your target audience. Additionally, using the power of artificial intelligence to optimize your email marketing strategy further improves the impact on your target audience.

Businesses that use AI to drive email marketing are expected to grow by US $ 1.2 trillion per year.

In fact, 49% of marketers are already implementing automation into their email marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence can be used for smart segmentation, email subject line optimization, and email automation workflow, which can help you increase click-through rates and the opening rate.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how you can leverage AI to optimize your email marketing strategy.

1- Write attractive subject lines

With the help of AI, you can optimize your topic, body text, and CTA.

The subject of the email is one of the most crucial parts of email content. Over 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone.

By integrating artificial intelligence, you can analyze the performance of past emails and determine which subject lines have performed best in the past. It also helps you by recommending a subject line that can be engaging and interactive. You can also find spam words which can be avoided when writing subject lines.

2- Optimize your Body Copy and CTA

Likewise, the main content of the email can be adapted based on past user behavior. The AI ​​evaluates the content that users crawl on your website and changes the email newsletter week to week when the user starts exploring a new category of content.

Plus, provide a unified company-wide electronic signature to mark every message you send to your subscriber. Focus on managing Office 365 electronic signatures to centrally manage and synchronize your company’s electronic signatures.

To optimize CTA, using AI helps you find the change in user behavior and interest and present the next CTA accordingly.

For example, a user was not checking the tech document on your website. But gradually you started to get interested and involved in your technical content. Taking this as a signal, AI invites a technical white paper in the next CTA email.

3- Create a segmented mailing list

You can gain customers through data segmentation as it allows you to send targeted emails to the audience. However, manually segmenting your data takes a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, thanks to AI, it is more stress-free and an easy task. With AI, you can easily segment users based on:

● Demographics, such as age, location, or gender.

● Past purchasing behavior of users.

● Behavior of emails, such as open or click activity in their mailboxes.

After evaluation, AI-powered apps deliver a segmented list, allowing you to maximize email marketing efforts. It also allows you to create accurate, real-time marketing segments based on customer insights gleaned from cross-channel activities.

Plus, it helps you segment your subscriber based on their position in the sales funnel. Thus, AI-based techniques allow you to target individual users for hyper-relevant marketing.

4- Personalize your emails

Integrating AI into your marketing strategy allows marketers to study user behavior and predict the perfect time to email them.

It also helps you reduce spills and reach a defined audience based on their location, interests, likes, preferences, and search patterns. Using this data, marketers can predict what kind of content their users would like to see. Thus, allowing to personalize your email.

Plus, you can use professional and personalized templates that will increase the chances of your subscribers opening and reading your mail.

Use AI-powered email marketing tools like ConvertKit, Sendinblue, or Moosend, which help you create more personalized emails.

5- Automate the workflow

AI-powered data insights allow marketers and strategists to schedule mail at regular intervals. If you have a wide range of users from multiple time zones, it is best to define and optimize delivery times according to their time zone.

AI helps you determine when your users are actively viewing their emails based on their past behavior.

Therefore, with the help of AI, you can optimize sending time and send limited time sales or offers when your followers are active and more likely to click on them.

6- Better reports and actionable analyzes

Traditional methods of reporting included capturing statistics, such as opens and clicks. However, it can be improved with the help of AI. It allows you to generate data that can be used to gain better insights and achieve the intended goal.

Some of the improved techniques you can use to get in-depth insight into user behavior and create better emails are funnels, cohorts, and churn analysis.

Funnel analysis: It analyzes the actions taken by users before reaching the desired goal. Funnel analysis helps marketers determine where they are losing the most users and where they are converting them. Using this information, you can take action to drive traffic, encourage subscribers to take action, or attract them.

Cohort analysis: It helps you discover a group of subscribers who share the same characteristics. For example, some users signed up to receive emails in February and opened their emails in the following months, in March, April, and May. Using this data, you can understand which products, promotions, and marketing initiatives are attracting your followers.

Analysis and prediction of the churn rate: It helps you identify signals that a subscriber is about to unsubscribe. An example of such a single is from subscribers who have stopped interacting with your emails. Thus, it allows you to act upstream to retain your subscribers.

Final thoughts

Your emails should be distinctive, specific, and targeted to stand out from the clutter of your target audience’s mailbox. This is because a common email with a repetitive message won’t get you the click-through rate you want. You can easily achieve this by integrating AI into your email marketing strategy.

It helps you deliver more personalized, targeted and personalized emails to subscribers. This is one of the effective strategies for delivering quality and insightful campaigns. It uses a combination of automation and advanced tools to sync and create engaging email campaigns. Thus, it pays to integrate AI technology to witness exceptional growth.

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