Jill Biden visits Minnesota to recognize investments in child care


The First Lady stopped in Minnesota today to tout the country’s investments in child care.

Dr. Jill Biden was joined by Governor Tim Walz and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on a visit to the University of Minnesota which highlighted investments in child care through the American rescue.

Although billions of dollars in funding have helped states like Minnesota keep child care centers open and raise workers’ wages during the pandemic, Biden says there’s still work to be done.

“When we invest in child care, we’re investing in the families and education of our youngest Minnesotans, and supporting our workforce and our economy, and so much more,” said Governor Walz in a statement. “I was thrilled that the First Lady of Minnesota was continuing these important discussions locally and nationally and highlighting the strong commitments Minnesota has made to child care throughout the pandemic.”

More than 130,000 child care providers across the country have received federal funding to date.

Last year, Minnesota received $537 million in child care funding from the American Rescue Plan, which has helped make child care affordable and accessible for Minnesota families, support providers with increased costs due to the pandemic, helping individuals get the professional development they need to enter and stay in the child care field, and helping providers stabilize their businesses.

The Walz-Flanagan Budget to Move Minnesota Forward proposes an additional $2.6 billion investment in early childhood over the next three years, including an investment of nearly $1.8 billion in a co-educational system. child care and early learning for Minnesota families through increased pre-K, Head Start and early learning scholarships.


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