Leveraging Redemption: 7 Best Characters


“The rich and the powerful take what they want. We provide … leverage.” The Leverage team is back for the first time since the series ended in 2012 in Leverage effect: buyout. Most of the squad have been replenished, with the exception of the late Nate Ford and only occasional visits from Alec Hardison. Sophie, Hardison, Eliot and Parker have returned to eliminate those who deserve to be shot and help those who need help.

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Two new members have been added with Harry Wilson, a man seeking redemption himself, and Hardison’s sister, Breanna Casey. Although they differ in degrees of intelligence, relativity, or even humor, Leverage effect: buyoutThe best characters all share the same trait of having a compelling personality which makes each of them fascinating to watch.

7 Lucy Taylor as Bligh

A photo of actress Lucy Taylor

Bligh is the head of the private security company RIZ. She claims the company “provides VIP security, cutting edge data collection, threat analysis,” but they’re actually much more than that. They look like a private black-op company, the one to call in when you need a private army or someone is missing. The team have met both Bligh and RIZ on a number of occasions and it’s not usually a meeting that they enjoy. She’s the perfect villain for them: smart, smart, and ruthless. Bligh is their exact opposite, the player on the other side trying to counter their moves as they counter his.

6 Noah Wyle as Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson looks confused in Leverage Redemption

Harry Wilson is a former corporate fixer, someone with a bad conscience and a lot to catch up on. He meets the group on the “Too Many Rembrandt Job” and helps Leverage International take down an evil billionaire by participating in a caper worthy of comparison with some of the best heists in movie history.

Harry comes from a world of high finance, where fortunes have been made no matter who it might hurt and where as much money has been stashed abroad as possible. He joined the team for one job but discovered the joys of helping others achieve justice, so he stayed. He provides insight into board and banking worlds the team wouldn’t otherwise have access to, using his connections to help the team accomplish their missions. The fact that someone with that background is always surprised at what a good crook can achieve also adds a certain charm to missions.

5 Aleyse Shannon as Breanna Casey

Breanna is very careful about something in Leverage-Redemption

Breanna Casey is Alec Hardison’s adopted sister and is proving not only useful to the team, but possibly to the genius hacker that is Hardison as well. She landed in the foster system after her parents were killed in a car crash and moved in with Nana and Hardison.

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Aside from being a brilliant mechanical engineer like her brother, Breanna is also a master social media manipulator and able to get information about anyone or anything. She has a bit of the same dry humor her brother is known for, but perhaps with a little more sarcasm.

4 Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux

Leveraging the buyout story

Sophie Devereaux is a failed actress turned con artist and con artist. Like the crook Neal Caffey in White collar, she masters accents and speaks several languages ​​and can be a brilliant actress, but only on a jerk, not on a stage. His game is the “long con”, not the wallet switcharoo, but the elaborate con that involves a trusted crew working together like an oiled machine. The best cons are where a crook can come back unharmed, and his plans always bring them home.

Sophie no longer has Nate Ford to take care of the planning, so she has set out to piece together the inconveniences and deal with them, with the help of Harry and his trusted team of thieves, hackers and fighters. . She managed to take on the role of team leader effectively, with just a few hiccups, which makes her not only one of the best characters on the show, but also the most fascinating.

3 Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer

Hardinson and Spencer in the leveraged buyout

Eliot Spencer is the “salvage” specialist, a highly trained martial artist, weapons expert, and former occult operations soldier. If there is anything to learn about combat or guns, Eliot already knows it and probably made it up. A former assassin, he gave it up to be something more honorable: a thief.

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Eliot’s role in the counter is generally supportive, protecting the team on the pitch and making sure any thugs and henchmen they encounter are taken out as quickly and silently as possible. Although a gun expert and sniper, Eliot prefers not to use them when he can use his hands. He and Hardison have one of the best relationships on the team, even though they enjoy bickering.

2 Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison

Hardison showing something in Leverage-Redemption

Computer and electronics expert, Hardison is a self-proclaimed nerd and fan of all things science fiction. He’s responsible for the various gadgets the crew use for their inconvenience, usually handcrafted by Hardison himself. He likes to make sure the job ends with all the equipment intact, but that rarely happens. They are like his children and he wants them all safe and sound at home.

Hardison is brilliant, but his electronic abilities lead him to overcomplicate things at times, which is why most of his plans against inconvenience tend to fall apart in the explanation. His van, Lucille is his pride and joy and he is known to be very protective of her. While brilliant, he can be quite awkward at times, especially when it comes to his relationship with Parker. He is known for his dry wit, making Hardison one of the Leveragemost cited cast members.

1 Beth Riesgraf as Parker

Parker with his arms crossed in Leverage-Redemption

Parker is a master thief, a legend in criminal circles to the point that some don’t even think she exists. She is known to be able to steal anything, anywhere, anytime. She is generally lonely, so she took a while to feel comfortable within the team, but has adapted over time, coming to trust others and see them as family.

Parker and Hardison have a relationship that is sometimes active, sometimes inactive, and always complicated. She is extremely confident in her abilities, but can still be uncomfortable around strangers and social situations. Out of the team, she is one of the best planners and is always reliable to do what is necessary and to help and protect others.

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