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The newly approved state budget, the first full budget in nearly three years, commits more than $ 13.4 million to economic development and infrastructure projects in Moore County.

Representative Jamie Boles and Representative Allen McNeill issued a joint statement noting that North Carolina has never invested more money in education, health and social services, infrastructure, the military and their families while saving more for the future and returning more money to taxpayers and families. .

“As representatives of Moore County, we are proud of the improvement this will make in the lives of our citizens by bringing economic development and infrastructure projects to our area,” said Boles and McNeill.

The 2021 finance law signed Thursday, November 18, follows months of negotiations between Republicans and Democrats. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Tuesday signaled plans to approve the $ 29.5 billion legislation and the House gave final approval Thursday at 101-10.

“The bipartisan adoption of the 2021 finance law marks a historic moment for our State. This budget makes historic investments to meet some of our state’s most critical needs, including historic funding for education, a record $ 8 billion infrastructure plan, plans to meet emerging health needs. foreground by the pandemic, while cutting taxes and continuing to rebuild stronger than before. Never has the state of North Carolina been in a better position to serve its citizens, secure its future and be globally competitive. “

Economic development and infrastructure benefits outlined in the budget that directly benefit towns and villages in Moore County:

$ 9.6 million Woodlake Dam Reconstruction Project

$ 2.3 million Samarcand Training Academy * for capital improvement

$ 600,000 Carthage city 50 percent for federal grant to restore Tyson Jones buggy factory for commercial use.

$ 300,000 City of Carthage for capital improvements

$ 50,000 City of Carthage for the orientation program

$ 200,000 City of Aberdeen to help fund its new 32-acre sports complex

$ 50,000 City of Aberdeen to address road works water flow issues and repair dam in front of Bethesda Presbyterian Church

$ 100,000 City of Cameron for capital improvements

$ 50,000 Town of Vass to correct drainage problems at Sandy Ramey Keith Park

$ 50,000 Town of Vass for sidewalks

$ 50,000 Town of Vass for capital improvements

* Samarcand Training Academy is located in Eagle Springs, western Moore County, near the Montgomery County line. Formerly a juvenile correctional facility, it was renovated and refurbished in 2015 as a basic training facility for correctional officers, probation / parole officers and juvenile justice employees. Law enforcement agencies of the Ministry of Public Security also use Samacand to conduct continuing and advanced training programs.

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