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A worker was victim of a stabbing in an Central Chicago Chase bank last Wednesday was killed as per the County Medical Examiner’s Office

Jessica Vilaythong, from Chicago is identified as a victim of a stabbing and later declared dead after transported into Northwestern Hospital in crucial health according to the med examiner’s office announced the morning of Friday.

Police said that the cashier, who was 24 years old, was wounded on the left part of her neck following an “brief chat” with a male while she is in the bank on 11:12am on Wednesday, in Block600, which is located in North Dearborn.

“We’re deeply saddened by the loss of our friend Jessica and extend our heartfelt condolences for her family and friends in this extremely difficult period,” Chase says in an announcement. “Jessica is a lovely person, and a highly respected employee. She’s extremely friendly driven, enthusiastic, and was quick to assist customers. She will be greatly missed.”

Vilaythong has graduated from University of Illinois in May 2020 , with an undergraduate degree in BS in Psychology The school announced the graduation on Friday.

Suspect was sought regarding the stabbing, however charges were pending until the morning of Friday, police said.

Suspect interviewed was accused of assaulting 2 women on Navy Pier in 2014, police stated.

As reported by NBC5 Investigates the man was not found to be insanity-related. 3 years later, the judge ruled the man to sent to the mental hospital.

Since the incident’s beginning the man was accused of 11 felonies, includes attempted murder as well as battery and assault that was aggravated as per the court records.



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