M&T Bank presents its commercial clients in the “Spotlight virtual store”



Pizza Amoré (Photos courtesy of M&T)

Tue Aug 31, 2021 5:40 PM

The online marketplace connects local businesses with new customers, communities

M&T Bank features more than 50 of its corporate clients in seven states and Washington, DC, in an online marketplace designed to connect businesses with new customers and communities.

The “M&T Virtual Spotlight Shop” provides visitors to the bank’s website with easy access to online retail portals for businesses in Richmond, Virginia, upstate New York. Visitors can search for businesses by region or category, shop for their merchandise online, and learn more about their commitment to helping their communities thrive.

A press release read: “The Spotlight Virtual Store is another way M&T, one of the nation’s most active small business lenders, is demonstrating support for its communities and their local businesses – many of which have been forced to leave. adapt in new ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Eric Feldstein, Head of Corporate Banking at M&T, said: “M&T is a bank for communities – including local business communities in the regions we serve that have demonstrated resilience and remarkable determination to serve their customers during the pandemic. We want to support their recovery and growth by exposing them to the nearly 10 million visitors our website receives each month. “

The businesses featured in the “M&T Virtual Spotlight Shop” include bakeries and breweries, restaurants and retailers, pizzerias and hair salons, art galleries and bookstores. Many of them are the businesses that line the main streets of towns and neighborhoods in the Northeast and Central Atlantic.

Among the companies in the “Spotlight Shop” are:

√ Althea’s Almost Famous, a black woman-owned restaurant business inspired by the savory cuisine of the owner’s Jamaican grandmother;

√ Arcay Chocolates, a Washington, DC boutique owned by an internationally renowned Venezuelan chocolatier;

√ Funk Brewing, a craft brewery started by a team of brother-in-law who now owns two taprooms in Elizabethtown and Emmaus, PA, and distributes to seven states in the region;

√ Muddy Creek Soap Company, a retailer of handmade soaps and bath products in West Reading, PA;

√ Off the Beaten Path Bookstore, an independent family bookstore in Lakewood;

√ Om Nohm Bakery & Café from Fredonia, a gluten-free bakery founded by a mother who learned to prepare a variety of foods for her children with dietary restrictions;

√ Sleeping Bird Coffee, a mobile coffee shop-turned-specialty café that serves espressos, pastries, sandwiches and more from its location in Wilmington, Delaware;

√ Pizza Amoré, a classic Buffalo pizzeria with wood-fired pizza and chicken wings; and

√ Orange Tree Inn, a family owned restaurant in Niagara Falls famous for their homemade soups, fried beef and Friday fish fingerlings.

This is the third year in a row that M&T has featured some of its business customers in a “Spotlight Shop” – but the first is open to businesses across M&T’s footprint. The bank has tested the concept in Baltimore the previous two years.

In 2019, M&T launched its “Spotlight Shop” in a modular pop-up store in downtown Baltimore that featured 12 local retailers touring the space every two weeks for six months. Last year, M&T brought the “Spotlight Shop” – an adaptation of the original concept inspired by the pandemic – online – and again featured more than a dozen of its Baltimore area business customers, including Boordy Vineyards, a 76 year old family business. company returning to the “Spotlight Shop” for its third year.

“Boordy Vineyards has had a productive relationship with M&T Bank for three and a half decades,” said Robert DeFord, President of Boordy Vineyards. “M&T has always listened to our needs, providing timely capital to enable us to take advantage of growth opportunities. I cannot stress enough how important this relationship is to the success of our family business.

Learn more about the “M&T Virtual Spotlight Shop” by visiting mtb.com/spotlightshop or following @mandt_spotlight on Instagram.



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