Nigeria must harness the digital economy for national development – DG NITDA


By Dirisu Yakubu & Fortune Eromosele, Abuja

The Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, Mallam Kashifu Abdullahi, said on Thursday that Nigeria must take advantage of the opportunities offered by a digital economy for national development.

He said this at the 2021 National ICT and Social Media Summit, hosted by the National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN in Abuja, with the theme: “ICT: Using Social Media for Integration and Development national ”.

He noted that Nigeria cannot afford to stay behind a rapidly growing technological world, adding that a digital economy will provide Nigeria with vast opportunities that not only promote national development and nation-building, but place also the nation at the forefront of a digital economy. .

He said: “The world is changing and it is characterized by the way we live in an increasingly successful system. In human history, it is during this time that we have systems that do what only humans can do in terms of decision making and creativity.

“Today we have systems smarter than us that can do more than we can. So what can we do? Are we in competition with them? Or should we increase them and use them for our own benefit? We’re talking about social media, which is one of them.

“Today, social media takes advantage of our weakest spots. social media is algorithm driven, the algorithm was designed to find out more about us, predict what we are going to do and even tell us what to do, it means it takes advantage of our psychology.

“You have to know how to live with this system. Second, there are more and more integrated technologies, what we should be looking at is how to harness these platforms to grow the economy and promote nation building. “

He further said that young people remain the greatest resource any nation, family, society can have, saying that capacity building of Nigerian youth should remain a priority as a rejected potential youth comes at the expense of the nation.

“We have developed a strategic roadmap and a 2021-2024 action plan and the strategy is anchored on certain strategic pillars. The first is capacity building. When we say capacity building, we are talking about the digital economy.

“We are talking about a knowledge-based economy. Young people are our greatest resource in this country because we have amazing people among them. We want them to create extraordinary jobs, products and services, ”he said.

Delivering his message of goodwill, Youth and Sports Development Minister Sunday Dare, the NYCN said, compliments the ministry’s efforts in implementing the National Youth Policy.

He added that there is a need to harness the creative nature of young people for national growth and development, arguing that it is also necessary to encourage them to harness the opportunities for positive use.

He warned the population against using social media to cause conflict and disunity, but instead, they should use it to promote unity and tranquility.

“Social media helps facilitate the sharing of ideas and has had a positive impact on society, making it an essential part of modern life.

“The ministry will continue to advocate for the constructive use of social media for social inclusion and nation building. I implore the Nigerian youth to make good use of social media as a tool to promote peace and unity, ”he said.

In his remarks, NYCN North Central Zone Vice President Amb. Akoshile Mukhtar, said that a country that builds young people will build nation, and a country that destroys young people will destroy nation.

He believed that the nation should harness social media for national integration and development. “National integration is about bringing together the different groups that make up the entity called Nigeria around issues of consensus, to achieve a common development goal.

“It’s about finding the glue that unites our diverse peoples to define our role as citizens and to make unified standard demands of government. “

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