NRW to Leverage MaxMine Technology Platform at Dalgaranga Gold Mine


Posted by Daniel Gleeson on January 12, 2022

NRW Holdings’ mining division has reached an agreement with MaxMine to install its technology on the A $ 300 million ($ 216 million) contract for the Dalgaranga gold mine in Western Australia.

The MaxMine platform leverages state-of-the-art hardware, digital automation, advanced analytics based on artificial intelligence and human coaching to enable mine sites to increase environmental efficiency and operational productivity, according to the company.

NRW was looking for a mining technology provider capable of providing reliable and automated optimization of its on-site operations, leveraging existing teams and fleet to advance its data and ambition for broader technology leadership within the industry. mining.

The Dalgaranga gold mine is owned by Gascoyne Resources. NRW has entered into agreements with Gascoyne to continue providing services to the mine in 2020 following the successful completion of the miner’s A $ 125 million recapitalization process.

NRW invested in developing its in-house data analytics capabilities and was ready to scale up its approach to partnering with service providers that deliver industry-grade data and help solve big data analytics problems, a he declared.

In addition, a tight national labor market has increased operator turnover at all mining sites and is a particularly difficult problem for the mining contract segment.

MaxMine’s technology automatically captures, enhances and contextualizes up to 10,000 times more data in surface mining operations, compared to industry-standard fleet management system products, according to the company. Its data processing pipelines automatically contextualize all equipment, operators, and site data relative to each other, and dynamically to conditions within the shift, such as weather or other external factors.

This contextualized site data (a digital twin) is translated, in tandem with implementation coaching, to generate tangible increases in asset productivity and equipment reliability, through three main states of improvement. They are: (1) take control; (2) Optimize performance; and (3) Accelerate production rates.

These results are evidenced by existing customers who experience, on average, an 11% increase in payload and cut tire costs in half after implementing MaxMine, the company said.

NRW Director of Operations Adam Harper said that continuous innovation and the intelligent use of data are at the heart of the future of NRW’s mining division, and that another way for NRW to constantly add of value for its customers beyond the moving tons.

Tim Abrahams, Managing Director of NRW’s Mining Division, added: “NRW emphasizes good data as a critical enabler of our operational efficiency and the partnership with MaxMine, which is a leader in operational data. fleet, allows us to continuously improve our performance for our customers. “

MaxMine CEO Coert Du Plessis said the two companies are aligned in pursuit of a more sustainable and reliable mining industry.

“The benefits of this cooperation extend beyond MaxMine or NRW; the global challenge of ‘Net Zero’ by 2050 cannot be achieved without an order of magnitude change in mining efficiency. Working with NRW is another fantastic example of great partnerships helping to transform a critically important industry into a safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly part of the global economy.

The announcement of the deal with NRW comes a month after MaxMine officially launched MaxMine Carbon, a technology offering that the company says will allow mining operators to reduce their carbon emissions by 5-20%, depending on their existing efficiencies, with no additional capital expenditure.


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