One-stop fashion jewelry brand HALIVUKU relies on short social media videos for rapid growth


CARSON CITY, Nevada–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HALIVUKU (pronounced har-lee-vuku) is a real-time fashion jewelry brand. This growing brand offers thousands of jewelry products in a variety of styles and materials available for online shopping. The design team curates hundreds of jewelry items which are listed on the online store with over 300 jewelry SKUs listed daily and offered at attractive prices. This is phenomenal for a fashion brand that was only recently launched.

There is still a need for a fashion jewelry brand equivalent to one-stop clothing brands like Zara and Shein. A jewelry shopping destination that offers a full range of jewelry styles for different occasions and keeps up to date with the latest trends. However, there is clearly no single brand currently filling this gap. HALIVUKU tries to fill this gap by bringing affordable, diverse and high quality fashion jewelry to the market.

HALIVUKU’s in-house designers collaborate with many up-and-coming new designers and have collectors and jewelry buyers from all over the world who frequently provide feedback on the latest fashion trends to the in-house design team who work tirelessly to meet their needs. ensure the styles of jewelry in their store, stay fashionable and always keep the newest styles. HALIVUKU will generally release a plethora of styles at first, and then study shopping trends to adapt the following products to a large number of new style releases. The supply chain is mainly concentrated in Asia, which is the largest source of fashion jewelry production in the world. OEM and ODM factories that have already worked with other fast fashion and semi-fine jewelry companies can easily obtain HALIVUKU certification for bulk orders.

As with established fashion brands, HALIVUKU verifies the environmental protection and human rights information of partner manufacturers and their factories, and works closely with these manufacturers to ensure compliance with all social responsibility concerns, an area that the fast fashion supply chain has always been criticized for.

HALIVUKU, like many other direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, has gone to great lengths to engage with consumers through social media. They are betting on short video content set to become the next big social media craze. When it comes to product presentation, short videos have always proven to be more popular with consumers than static images. Today, apps like TikTok function as a storefront for many consumers, allowing them to see and learn more about the products offered by a brand. “Online shopping is always fraught with uncertainty, and we think short content videos could help alleviate some of those concerns because they give the customer a relatively comprehensive view of the things he/she likes to spend money on. money,” Ann Miller said. , Marketing Director at HALIVUKU.

When browsing the HALIVUKU online store, you will immediately notice that the pages are full of introductions and explanations of the various benefits of membership. All products are available at member and non-member rates, with the former being half the latter, resulting in a 50% discount for members. Besides this very enticing reward, others include three free limited edition products per month, birthday gifts, etc. Membership costs $12 per year, which works out to an average of $1 per month. Through its membership, this trendy jewelry brand also establishes its own sponsorship network. Members can earn incentives by referring others. Instead of coupons and gift cards, which are often used by other fashion retailers, benefits are automatically applied to a virtual Visa card in the guest’s name. The team said rewarding users with virtual Visa cards would increase their initial technical investment, but they insisted on this because they didn’t want to “kidnap” any customers. They respect each customer’s credit approval of the brand and want their customers to be fairly compensated for their efforts.

According to reports, HALIVUKU has caught the attention of investors, many of whom belong to boards of listed companies. The initial funds raised will largely go towards technology development and increasing their brand awareness, according to a statement from their business development manager.


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