Seacoast benefits from millions of new investments


US Senator Jeanne Shaheen

As we emerge from the pandemic and fight inflation, investing in our communities and creating jobs are essential to our economic recovery. Job creation is a priority because I work in the US Senate, especially as I help draft and pass the government’s annual funding bills.

As a senior member of the Senate committee that creates these bills, I work each year to ensure that the Granite State gets its fair share of resources. Too often, funding formulas hurt small states like ours, which is why I fight to make sure we are not left behind. This year, I worked with Democrats and Republicans to restore the Congress-led spending process, officially called appropriations. Now, with stricter transparency measures and additional reporting requirements, this important tool to specifically direct funding to localities in New Hampshire is back and already having an impact.

This year, I’m thrilled to report that I helped secure $68.7 million for New Hampshire through the Government Funding Bill, which was signed into law by President Biden in March. This package supports projects strengthening local infrastructure, expanding healthcare services, developing affordable housing, supporting local businesses, strengthening law enforcement, and more. These investments will create new jobs, strengthen local economies and increase the quality of life for Granite Staters. Simply put, this $68.7 million investment will make a huge difference to our communities and working families.

This is especially true for Seacoast communities. The housing crisis has hit the Seacoast hard, so I have worked to address housing insecurity through this process. I secured funding for Seacoast Family Promise, NH Community Loan Fund and CAP of Strafford County to help house working families with children in need and support programs for our most vulnerable neighbors. Disparities in health care access are also a major issue I hear from Granite Staters, and I welcome resources to reduce health care costs and expand access. I fought for $500,000 for Wentworth-Douglass Hospital to provide transportation for patients in need, as well as $1 million to build a facility in Northwood for patients with developmental disabilities.

That’s not all that happens at the Seacoast. This government funding bill is also a win for local law enforcement, who will now have resources to update equipment and improve their response time to emergencies. This includes funding new radios for Durham and County Strafford Police and new body cameras for Exeter and Greenland Police. Improving water quality is also essential for the Seacoast region, so I helped secure $1 million for the upgrade of the Exeter water pumping station, as well as funding for the Rochester’s wastewater treatment operations and funding to support and protect the Great Bay Estuary watershed. Additionally, to continue the scientific excellence that grew out of the University of New Hampshire, I helped secure millions of dollars to expand and modernize the Jackson Estuarine Lab to support cutting-edge water research.

This government funding legislation is a win for New Hampshire families, small businesses, healthcare workers and more. I am pleased to see this funding granted, and I will continue to ensure that New Hampshire has the resources to support our local economies and move our nation forward. The long-term recovery of our communities is going to require a comprehensive approach, which is why I will continue to work across the aisle to support measures that will get our economy back on track. As I work with lawmakers on the Senate Appropriations Committee to begin drafting government funding legislation for the coming fiscal year, I will continue the fight to include New Hampshire projects to ensure that the voices of Granite Staters are heard, and so that we can add to the ongoing investments we see prospering in our communities.

Democrat Jeanne Shaheen of Madbury is the leading U.S. senator from New Hampshire.


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