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Stock market timekeepers were too quick to jump into the rally – and that’s a risky sign

The most typical behavior at the end of bear markets is a stubborn refusal to believe that the trend has reversed. Read more

These 10 cheap stocks are favorites of the best investing newsletters as value continues to beat growth

There are several good reasons to bet on value investing strategies right now. Read more

Inflation has peaked – now is the time to shop for consumer discretionary stocks

Robust consumer spending should keep the economy strong. Read more

We’ve seen this movie before – tech stocks’ biggest gains are still ahead of us

This technological shift is likely to follow previous patterns when new companies reshaped the economy. Read more

Don’t trust this S&P 500 rally – it’s unlikely to be another leg of a bull market

Oversold rallies usually hit a level slightly above the falling 20-day moving average, and that’s where the stock market is right now. Read more

Small cap growth stocks are the cheapest in at least 24 years. Here’s how a manager plays it.

The current market environment may be the “best of both worlds for small-cap growth investors,” says Brad Neuman of Alger. Read more

These sectors of the stock market are expected to show the best earnings growth

As the Federal Reserve tightens monetary policy, a different set of industries will take the lead. Read more

This market strategist with a perfect record sees stocks jump 15% to 25% from their May 2022 low

Expect the biggest gains in Nasdaq and tech stocks, says Hayes Martin. Read more

Tesla short sellers have made nearly $7 billion so far this year

Betting against megacap tech stocks has been one of the most profitable trading strategies this year. Read more

Bitcoin and Ethereum: Here’s how crypto values ​​changed in May 2022

The prices of some cryptos fell in May, continuing a downward trend in 2022. Read more

Consumers Report Losing $1 Billion in Crypto to Scammers Since 2021, FTC Research Finds

Since the start of last year, more than 46,000 consumers have reported losing a total of $1 billion in cryptocurrency to scammers, the Federal Trade Commission said in a new report on Friday. Read more

Companies that left Russia after its invasion of Ukraine enjoy a better stock market than those that didn’t

Companies that have withdrawn from Russia since the invasion of Ukraine not only benefit from an improvement in their reputation, they are rewarded by the financial markets. Read more

Banks must stop financing oil expansion. If they don’t, their net zero commitments are greenwashing.

To bend the curve toward a carbon-free future, halting the construction of new fossil fuels must be the next step, writes Jason Disterhoft of Read more

Don’t ignore the bad news in Social Security’s latest actuarial analysis

The report appears to be good news, but may end up being bad news Read more


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