Toshiba Elevate Sky empowers businesses to take advantage of cloud-based work solutions


Toshiba makes it easy for businesses to leverage cloud-based work solutions for today’s modern workforce. The company’s Elevate Sky platform offers a broad portfolio of Toshiba and third-party cloud-enabled systems, software and services, including print, document and printer fleet management, workflow and -of the.

Together, they allow users to manage devices and content entirely in the cloud. While Toshiba has used cloud technology in its portfolio for years, the company’s Elevate Sky platform aligns these capabilities within a single platform to make the transition to the cloud easier and more successful for resellers. and end users. It also enables seamless on-premise hardware-to-cloud connectivity for easy and secure interactions between physical documents and digital workflows.

Elevate Sky provides a superior cloud customer experience through the following:

  • Cloud-enabled systems: Toshiba multifunction printers dramatically improve productivity by enabling employees to share documents transparently and securely through cloud providers such as Google, Microsoft, Box and Dropbox.
  • Cloud-ready software: From output management to document and workflow management solutions, Toshiba helps businesses transform physical documents into cloud-based digital workflows to any location or device, 24/7 through the cloud.
  • Cloud-based management: Elevate Sky’s cloud-based fleet tools enable businesses to centrally facilitate print and documentation environments, regardless of location.

Toshiba further simplifies the transition to cloud printing and documentation environments through its cloud printing optimization study service offering, which integrates decades of implementation information with continuous delivery and deployment practices.

In an effort to streamline the entire cloud journey from print to digital through a single platform, Toshiba will simplify the management of print and documentation environments for organizations of all sizes.

“There are benefits for businesses to take a holistic approach to the cloud when managing their print and document workflows,” said Kerstin Woods, vice president of solutions and marketing, Toshiba America Business Solutions. “We are simplifying this process by merging cloud offerings within Elevate Sky to create a superior customer experience. “

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