Venture capital investments in Q3 and 2021 hit record highs for Texas and Austin



In the third quarter, the United States saw $ 82.8 billion in capital invested in 3,518 deals, according to the T3 Pitchbook-National Venture Capital Association Venture Monitor Report.

For the first three quarters, report data shows companies attracted $ 238.7 billion out of 12,837 transactions and broke the previous high set in 2020 of $ 155.4 billion.

And statewide, Texas attracted $ 1.8 billion in venture capital in 174 deals in the third quarter. Overall, for the first three quarters, Texas attracted $ 6.7 billion in

investment in 541 transactions.

Austin saw $ 981.4 million invested in 76 deals in the third quarter. For the year, Austin firms attracted a record $ 3.8 billion in venture capital in 265 deals.

Texas posted $ 3.15 billion in 22 third quarter outings. Overall, in the first three quarters, Texas recorded outflows worth $ 10 billion in 55 deals.

Austin had the bulk of the state’s exit activity with $ 2.97 billion in third-quarter exits. And since the start of the year, $ 5.7 billion in releases.

“Eighteen months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the VC industry has continued to prove its resilience while directly supporting the country’s economic recovery and strengthening public procurement,” according to the report.

“The growing involvement of well-endowed non-traditional investors such as mutual funds, investment funds, hedge funds and cross-investors in the venture capital space has contributed to the increase in size and transaction valuations, thereby reshaping the industry landscape. “

In the third quarter, the United States posted a record exit value of $ 187.2 billion and a year-to-date total of $ 582.5 billion, 101.6% above the record $ 289 billion in 2020, according to the report.

Many of these companies are heading to the public markets to get out. The initial public offerings have had a successful year with 221 to date across the country.

Austin’s biggest IPOs in 2021 include Bumble in a traditional IPO and E2Open in February through a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, FTC Solar in April and DISCO in July, both IPOs in traditional purse.

“If there are clouds on the horizon for the industry, they can take the form of an evolving pandemic, as well as economic and political uncertainty,” according to the report.

Top 10 offers for the third quarter of 2021 in Austin

  1. Icon Technology $ 207 million Series B
  2. Elligo Health $ 135 million Series E
  3. Series C $ 50 Million Recovery Package
  4. Self-financing $ 50 million Series E
  5. Olea Edge Analytics $ 35 million Series C
  6. $ 34 million Series B
  7. Eventus $ 30 million. B series
  8. Billed $ 30 million Series B
  9. OsteoCentric $ 30 Million Later Stage VC
  10. Rey $ 26 million Series A



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