With ‘The Girl in the Woods’, Crypt TV takes advantage of its creepy IP


Six years ago, genre entertainment company Crypt TV was launched with the very ambitious mission statement of becoming “Marvel for Monsters”.

While not many people can fly as high as this superhero engine, the past six months have been fruitful for the creators of indelible digital horror characters – especially proving they can evolve the intellectual property of origin on all platforms.

Founded in 2015 by Jack Davis and Eli Roth with an investment from Blumhouse, the company has seen a string of successes in recent times which culminates with the release today of the Peacock original “The Girl in the Woods”. The new series, from director Krysten Ritter, is based on a series of short films first edited by Crypt TV on YouTube.

Earlier this summer, a consortium of characters got their own installation at Universal Studios Florida’s Halloween Horror Night, introducing the company to live events. Weeks before that, in May, top-rated horror video game “Dead by Daylight” announced that it would absorb several original Crypt TV characters into its story, including The Birch, a “demon of nature.” .

“We obviously have a long way to go to reach our peaks, but what’s been really gratifying over the last six or seven months is that you see Crypt IP adapted in larger formats. The TV show coming out on Peacock today looks like a truly special representation of our intellectual property, ”said Davis, CEO of Crypt TV.

In the early days of funding and producing content for YouTube and originals on Facebook Watch, Davis said that Crypt “had people going, ‘OK, you have views. Is it real?’ There was a lot of skepticism about these measures during this time, so these times are exciting to tap into. I like my investors who believed in us because we were obsessed with this issue. “

Also on deck this year is the iHeartMedia and Blumhouse podcast “Mordeo,” owned by Crypt TV about a bloodthirsty monster stalking two brothers in the Monongahela Forest.

“It spent some time in the top 20 for fiction on some platforms, which was amazing to see,” Davis said. “All of our partners have told us how successful these projects have been and how Crypt is finding a new audience. So our IP holds up.

The executive credits the thoughtfulness of the creatives at Crypt for imagining characters who remain in a market oversaturated with endless reboots. (“Halloween Kills” just won the pandemic-hit box office with an opening weekend of $ 50.3 million, and Ghostface will taunt Northern California teens again in the fifth “Scream ” in February.)

“We always try to imbue each monster with unique emotions,” he said. “Birch was talking about bullying – yes, it’s a visually stunning creature, but it represents someone who tries to protect the innocent.”

Crypt TV is also considering a leap into the NFT space – the digital tokens that have grabbed Hollywood and other industries with scarce and coveted assets.

“It’s polarizing for people, but we are in a new world where monetization opportunities can appear instantly,” he said.

Given the current entertainment consolidation landscape, Crypt TV 2021 may well prove to be attractive to some buyers, especially with its leading backers.

“We’re coming out of that stretch where I feel like we’ve proven that we have real fans and new ones are discovering us,” Davis said. “I’m sitting in my office and just thinking about building, but it’s good that we have a library. “

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